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Forego the Flock

Poop—no one likes to talk about it but sometimes it is necessary. When flocks of Canadian geese have decided to take up residence in your backyard, you can bet you are going to have a major poop problem on your hands. Gross! 
On their migrations, Canadian geese tend to favor spots they have determined to be safe and plentiful in food. Perhaps you just bought a home and suddenly one morning you find that your home was one of the preferred geese spots. What do you do? Call OakRidge Wildlife Control, of course! We understand your quandary and will provide a humane solution.
See, beyond the enormous amount of waste generated by the geese, there are other issues. The geese have chosen your yard because you have the kind of food they enjoy. We have seen grass seed used on golf courses totally eaten up in a day by a flock of geese. In addition, geese can be quite aggressive and are known to attack humans, though they rarely cause harm. 
When the geese think they have squatter’s rights on your property, it is time to contact OakRidge Wildlife Control and take your yard back!