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Deer — Beautiful, but Troublesome for Your Property

Group Of Deer
Deer can be a beautiful sight to see when you catch a glimpse of one leaping through your yard. However, with the beauty they bring, they also bring many problems you don't want to encounter. Once you understand the ways deer can be problematic, you'll realize the importance of keeping them off your property.

Deer Carry Ticks

Tick-borne diseases, such as Lyme disease, are a real concern when you live in an area with a large wildlife population, and deer are a major contributor to spreading ticks. A deer infested with ticks can drop them in your yard, where the ticks will wait for the opportunity to embed themselves in their next unsuspecting host, which may be someone in your household.
Your pets can also pick the ticks up from the yard and carry them in the house, where they can then attach themselves to anyone inside your home. Both you and your pets are susceptible to Lyme disease.

Deer Can Be Aggressive

The docile deer you hand-fed an apple last month can be the same one to viciously attack you tomorrow.
A deer may attack for several reasons: a mother will attack if she feels her baby is in danger, a buck will be more prone to attack during mating season, and any deer can attack if suddenly startled. Something as simple as the sound of a twig snapping under your foot may be all it takes to scare the deer.
Deer have pointy antlers that are capable of fatally puncturing a person or animal. Deer also have sharp hooves and strong legs they could use the hooves to slice someone open. With these dangers in mind, you want to protect yourself from wild deer on your property.

Deer Can Cause Serious Traffic Collisions

Take heed when driving home if you have deer in your neighborhood. The height and size of most deer make them extremely dangerous to hit. Their bodies can come through the windshield and seriously injure people in the car. Bucks are even more dangerous due to their antlers that can impale someone when they come through the windshield.
Deer don't tend to run from cars or stop on the side of the road when they see a car coming. Instead, they walk into the roadway and freeze in place when they see the car, causing the car to hit the deer. If you stop fast or swerve to avoid the deer, you could still end up in a rollover accident or an accident involving another car.
In addition to driving cautiously, you can install heavy duty grille guards on some vehicles to offer more protection to the car and everyone inside the car if you are in an accident with a deer.

Deer Can Be Destructive to Your Yard

Deer can be drawn to your yard for the edibles in your garden, the fruits on your trees, and other foliage they find tasty. Aside from eating food that would be best served on your own dinner table, they will trample through the yard, destroying your landscaping.
Deer can also damage fences if are determined to get through or over them, and they can trample through and break landscape décor. Deer can destroy your ornamental and shade trees by rubbing their antlers against them and ruin grass when they repeatedly trample it with their hooves.

Predators Can Be Drawn to Your Property

Wildfires can cause mountain lions to flee for safer grounds. They will look for deer grazing areas if displaced. If you have a large property with a herd of deer, mountain lions may move onto your land to hunt the deer. The presence of mountain lions or other predatory animals on your property puts everyone in your household and all your animals at risk.
If you are experiencing an increase in the number of deer on your property, you need to protect yourself and prevent property damage. You can contact OakRidge Wildlife Control for help.