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  • Quality Skunk Control & Removal Solutions‎
    We provide safe and humane skunk removal from homes and businesses in Minneapolis.
  • Remove Bats & Prevent Reentry‎
    Call our certified experts today for quick, effective bat removal service.
  • Professional Opossum Exclusion
    We professionally handle opossum trapping, removal and prevention.
  • Get Rid of Mice Without Messy Traps or Chemicals
    Need to get mice out of your home? Our experts are ready to help today.

Professionals Safely Removing Wildlife From Minneapolis Properties

Your home is a sanctuary that provides safety and shelter. While you’ve worked hard to create a welcoming environment for you and your family, there can be times when unwanted visitors decide to take refuge inside your house. If your home’s sanctity has been disturbed by bats, raccoons or other invasive creatures, you should turn to an experienced wildlife removal specialist who can take care of the problem in an ethical and humane way. At OakRidge Wildlife Control, we’ve been dealing with large and small pests in Minneapolis for more than 25 years, and we can help you restore the serenity of your dwelling.
You might think that wildlife control is simply a matter of setting traps to capture the unwanted creatures, but proper pest control involves a combination of different skills. You’ll want to work with professionals who have a background in carpentry, as they will be able to find those small hiding places that might go unnoticed by less experienced contractors. Once the pests have been trapped, you’ll also want a contractor who can clean, deodorize and sanitize affected areas so there are no lingering aftereffects from the infestation. We’re ready to help you reclaim your home, and we’ve received a variety of certifications, including:
  • National Wildlife Control Operators Association
  • NWOC
  • Training by National Goose Management
  • National Wildlife Management Academy
The goal of our wildlife control company is to resolve conflicts between humans and animals. Whether it’s on private, commercial, or municipal property in the most humane and ethical manner possible; In the past we have been on calls to remove beaver, bees, Canada geese, deer, gophers, moles, opossum, skunks, woodchucks, bats, squirrels, raccoons, and many more. Oak Ridge Wildlife Control specializes in bat exclusion, bat removal, squirrel removal, raccoon removal, animal trapping/exclusion, removal, damage repair, and damage prevention. We also provide full attic clean-outs, odor control, fecal removal, and sanitizing.

Serving Minneapolis, St. Paul, Princeton and Surrounding Cities

If you live in Princeton, St. Paul or any other Minneapolis community, trust the experts at OakRidge Wildlife Control for effective removal of any unwanted pests. You’ve invested a lot in your home, and it’s time to protect it from invasion by unwelcome animals. To schedule an evaluation or learn more about our professional animal removal services, call us today at 763-633-3000.
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